I felt I should leave this here.

This is what apparently happens when people try to have serious photoshoots.

Eren Jeager | Mikasa Ackerman | Armin Arlert | Jean Kirschtein | Bertholdt Fubar | Reiner Braun

P.s.: where it says on the subtitles “I’m not the uke”, I was actually, literally saying “I don’t take it in the ass”

((Since I don’t have any drawings to post, I’m leaving you guys with this cosplay video me and some friends made in the beginning of the year. It’s all very serious, I promise.))


(( I’ve been gone for over two months, I’m really sorry.

I’ve dropped roleplays, askblog accounts, pretty much everything for these past months. I’ve been having a few issues to sort with myself and some decisions and issues to make and deal with regarding school life, family and I haven’t been either in the mood or with the motivation for much.

I’m trying to turn things around but I suppose I’ll take baby steps. Can’t really say for sure that I’ll be very active here because I really don’t know but we’ll see.

Last but not least, thank you so much to every follower and every person who enjoys my silly doodles that I post here, it means a whole lot. Thank you! ))

May I use some of your pics to use them as an icon to anwer something??? :3

Hello! Sorry for the super late reply, I havent been to tumblr in ages, hahaha… 

Surely, I dont mind! Im fine with it as long people dont claim the drawings as their own so im okay with it!

I don’t even know


Happy Halloween! <3

((Sorry for no Halloween drawing but have a facepaint I did today instead o/))

Reiner blog :3

((oh you guys!!!))

((I’ve been wanting to voice Bert’s eloquent speech from chapter 50 ever since I read it))

[[ //whispers reiner blog and scampers off because you are a quality person.]]

((/squishes your cheeks because you’re a cutie))

Reiner blog!!OuO


*sniff sniff* you smell like a new fem!reiner blog uwu //sorry for being weird

((aw man, I’ll need to dig up a wig to pull that off but I can try?? shh you’re not weird uwu))

irl fem reiner blog *nosebleed*

((HAH omg. I actually.. never thought of that??))

((Did I hear the possibility of a reiner blog))

((my girlfriend wants me to do a cosplay askblog for reiner, idk how to deal with this))

*whispers* Reiner blog


Reiner blog pls

((I’m gonna start counting votes))

reiner bligity blogity

((y-you too?))